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of mine. >> tributes are pouring in from the high and mighty to the low for the father of go go. >> he flew off the covers and made people understand we are a lot more than a government -- >> he would probably tell the city to party hard for him tonight. he really would tell the city to party hard. this is a devastating loss. >> reporter: got a grammy nomination? >> unbelievable. >> reporter: chuck brown was 75. he began performing back in the 1960s. by the '70s when the rest of the country was deep into disco, d.c. had its own sound called go go. ♪ chuck's biggest hit "busting loose" soared you have the charts in -- up the charts in 1978. even today it's played on every d.c. radio station. ♪ chuck brown's live concerts were a family affair. four generations turned out to
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hear chuck. >> he ohm boyed what we are, who we are, what we do. >> he is the true definition of d.c. culture. >> if you're from d.c. you have to be a chuck brown fan. >> how? >> right now because right now, i'm just enjoying every minute of -- of being on this planet. >> reporter: probably don't even have a permit for this and no idea how long it's going to go on but it's chuck brown, you really don't need a permit. somebody said that chuck brown is to d.c. what elvis is to memphis. back to you in the studio. >> as we mourn the loss of chuck brown we want to know what your favorite memories are of the god father of go to. >> the comments are pouring in on wusa9's facebook page. tracy ellis wrote -- map >> lisa johnson edwards wrote --
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>> jessica brown wrote -- a lot of people in the newsroom said the same thing. c. c. carter wrote -- >> and one wrote -- ♪ >> facebook fan page, wusa9 facebook fan page, continue the share your memories -- to share your memories. it's 4:32. other news this morning affecting the region. president obama holds the -- hosts the g-8 summit at camp david in frederick, maryland. frederick county, maryland this weekend. world leaders will take up
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europe's economic crisis. saturday evening many of the g- 8 participants will move on to chicago for a nato summit. maryland congressman roscoe bartlett is seeking federal help in covering the costs for the g-8 summit. he sent a letter to the president asking that it be designated quote a special security event which would allow agencies in maryland to be reimbursed for their expenses. as of now the county will not receive any federal money. maryland senators filed similar requests earlier this week. another federal budget showdown is looming between president obama and top republicans in the house. the president and top democrats are pushing for new tax revenue to be part of a budget deal. republicans are resisting any tax increases and say they won't raise the country's debt limit without big spending cuts. >> where's the president's plan? to tackle our looming debt crisis. where's the budget -- where's the president's plan to stop
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the largest tax increase in american history? >> we're not going to recreate the debt ceiling debacle of last august. >> that debt ceiling fight last summer nearly put the u.s. in default and it led to the nation's first ever credit rating downgrade. today a house sub committee will debate a bill to affect doctors and their ability to perform boxes here in the district -- abortions here in the district using d.c. taxpayer money. it was introduced by republican franks and it would make performing abortions after 20 weeks illegal. congressman franks has denied d.c. delegate norton the chance to testify before the committee. it is 4:34. here's a hook at the other things making news now. greece abandoned a nine day hunt for a government wednesday following inconclusive elections. temporary government has been put into place until new elections can be held on june 17th. greece has struggled to free
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itself from a mountain of debt and its uncertainty with the government and it's leading to fears of a complete economic collapse there. putting an even greater strain on the economy. mary kennedy the estranged wife of robert f. kennedy jr. was found dead in her new york home wednesday. she had battled problems with drugs and alcohol in the past. robert f. kennedy jr. reportedly filed for divorce in 2010. she was 52. closing arguments begin today in the federal corruption trial of tormenter u.s. senator john edwards. he's accused of using campaign money to cover up his affair with reel rielle hunter. it is 4:35. more warm weather and blue skies are headed our way. coming up howard with the forecast and a look ahead ott the weekend. >> at 4:41 apple announces a
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major change to the new iphones. >> and at 4:50. staten drugs could have more benefits than simply helping your heart. we're back in two minutes with your weather first. ♪
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4:38. we've got clear to partly cloudy skies out there. still 69 in town but we're cooling off. cool and drier air moving. in cool down to the lower 60 n town and upper 60s by noon with a high today around 75. a gorgeous afternoon. i'll have the full weekend forecast in five minutes. right now beverly farmer's got
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your timesaver traffic. right now looking pretty good. no troubles on the i-270 corridor, i-70. early morning ride looks good out of frederick into urbanna and hyatts town. still at speed with no overnight construction to pick up. virginia beltway all the overnight construction and that should be back in business pretty soon. back to you. time for the first your money segment of the morning. >> here's jessica doyle with today's headlines. >> not a great day. a look at commodities though because that's actually giving consumers a little boost. prices continue to slide. not the best of reasons. investors are worried about a global economic slowdown. this comes as a lot of good news for some of us. now crude oil settled below $93 a barrel for the first time in more than six months. that's expected to send gas prices even lower nearing memorial day. this morning they're averaging $3.73 a gallon for drivers in
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the washington area. that's down from $4.03 a month ago. gold is also lower, it is closing this morning at a 10 month low. on wall street the political stalemate in greece has investorred wondering if and when they'll drop the euro and this is the numbers -- but the four month low dropped another 33 points in trading yesterday. the nasdaq was down by about 20 points and the s&p 500 off by about six. apple reportedly plans to use a larger screen on the next generation iphone. that's expected to debut later this year. it will be 30% larger and measure in about 4 inches from corner to corner. if you own a pair of shapeup shoes you're eligible for a refund. the company will pay $40 million to settle charges with the federal trade commission that it deceived customers with
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its ads. the ftc says there's no clinical proof that the shoes will actually help you shed pounds and tone your muscles. despite what the ads suggested. >> at one point people were having ankle issues with them anyway because they would fall over sideways with them. >> yeah. so and they're a lot of them out there. >> somebody is getting them. >> just a little though. when you think of how many people might fall. well, decades after go go came on the scene still a musical genre primarily listened to in maryland, d.c. and virginia. >> when we come back in two minutes we'll take a look at go go music and its origins. ♪
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good morning, welcome back to 9news now. 4:44. and the news is great when we're talking about howard's forecast. straight through the weekend. >> yeah except the allergens which you've been fighting this week. everything came in high yesterday except for the mold spores can that was low. so the trees, the grass, the pollen -- yeah. the mold. not liking you. the weeds -- excuse me. weather wise, hey temperatures are going to get lower also some cooler drier air is moving in. this morning your bus stop forecast some of you might need a jacket especially north and west of town in the 50s already. d.c. south and east stay above 60 with the cooler drier air moving in and just a bit of a breeze in spots as well. look how early that sunrise is getting, 5:56. sets at about 8:14 this evening. all right the day planner a great deal of sunshine. by 8:00, we're in the mid 60s. noon not going to move much only near 70. doing a pretty brisk knot wind in the 10 to 15 range.
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sunny. 73 at 4:00. highs at about 75. maybe 76 really a gorgeous day and with drier air. less humid air moving in. it's going to feel pretty good too and by 8:00 this evening going out. thes down by then -- temperatures down by then into the upper 60s. drier air up here, these are the dew points, a way of measuring the moisture in the air, a truer measure of humidity. these numbers are down in the lower 40s and the drier air is up in western and northern maryland. still dew points in the lower 60s south but this is all moving in and the drier air moving in and around for several days. it is going to be a sweet stretch of weather between now and i think sunday. by monday rain chances come back. temperatures and the air cooled us to the 50s. 40s in garrett county. it's near 60 in culpeper, luray. near 70 in d.c.. south of town we've got upper 60s and fredericksburg this morning. 67 degrees. outside on the michael & son weather camera, just about clear skies there and good
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visibility. you see the flags off the capital standing up. that's because we've got a breeze right now at 14 at the capitol. that number may drop into the upper 30s in spots here before the day is out as the drier air moves in. some showers in the rockies here, pretty quiet from the great lakes back into the central plains but in the south we've had this flow of subtropical moisture. a couple of days ago this was more on top of us. we had the 1 and 2-inch rain totals to start the week. still on top of florida. northern florida and southern georgia they've been having drought conditions and that's great news for them but the whole area is going to get a kick southeast and east with the cold front that's coming through and that's why for the next several days we're going to be high and dry. put the futurecast in motion 4:00 this afternoon nice and sunny here. there are the showers down in the carolinas. you get down past bluefield and past i-81 and tennessee and western north carolina. maybe a few showers there if
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you're traveling. tonight clear and chilly. a beautiful friday across the region. high pressure off to new england. that's going to keep all of this moisture to our south and east. we'll go into friday night and saturday as well and this stuff will stay generally along the coast or lake shore. that's why by next week conditions will become more unsettled but we're in for a three, four day stretch of beautiful weather around here. high temperatures this afternoon, low to mid-70s across the board. even 75, 76 in culpeper maybe the warm spot with lower 70s on the bay in annapolis and tonight into the 40s and 50s going to cool it off for you. as we look at the forecast today gorgeous. we're going to wrong way. we'll look at the forecast today gorgeous. got a lot of buttons on this thing. 75 degrees and nice. 40s the 50s tonight. -- and 50s tonight. mid 70s tomorrow, upper 70s saturday. sunday we'll be close to 80 and there's the unsettled weather
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early next week. beverly farmer's got timesaver traffic. we have a beautiful forecast. let's hope for a beautiful drive. the obstacle in the way right now getting through the single lane on the beltway between springfield and tysons. essentially the three separate work zones on the inner loop of the beltway down to single file. outer loop of the beltway between 50 and gallows road they're just picking up the last of the road work for a time. they had to stop everybody to start pulling the barrels out right now volume is light. we're looking pretty good there. 95 corridor virginia side. northbound, leaving fredericksburg headed for quantico, into dale city. heading for newington and springfield your lanes have been open on northbound 95. no overnight road work along the whole corridor just the building volume. southbound road work the right side of the screen, work zone has been pulled out of the way. 395 corridor and downtown so far. as far as the maryland beltway is concerned the inner loop beltway should be pulling out of your path.
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here's the beltway to the american legion bridge. no problems. no problems on the bw parkway or 50 in maryland. once go-go music hit the streets of washington there was no really no turning back. the music scene in the nation's capital would never be the same. >> what is it about the sound that people adore so much in this area even as the rest of america barely noticed? ken molestina picks up that end of the tribute to chuck brown. ♪ >> reporter: no doubt about it. there's nothing out there that sounds like go go. >> go-go is a powerful sounding music. >> with a gumbo sound. >> it's symbolic of the african sound with the congos. with the drums. all the percussionary measures, cull bell sounds you know. -- cow bell sounds you know. it gives a real eclectic to the airs. >> reporter: magic 102.3 helped put the genre into perspective.
4:50 am
around the late '60s and early '70s, d.c. was thirsting for its own sound. d.c. fell in love with chuck brown and go-go. >> i think it was the african sound. it just hit us in our spirit and then when he came along it just became the sound of the city. >> reporter: like the people of washington it was imflounced by cultures all over the world. something brown was very proud of. >> he talked about the latin influence. he talked about the african influence with the call and response. you talk to the crowd. you put the mic up to the crowd. that's african. >> reporter: it can't be pegged on any one particular influence. the only thing that's exclusive to go-go is that this man will forever be known as the godfather. >> it will continue to live on forever and ever in his music. >> reporter: they say they're dealing with it by celebrating
4:51 am
his life. we're in forestville. ken molestina, 9news now. a study questions whether raising a person's good cholesterol actually reduces the risk of a heart attack. researchers in massachusetts studied the genes of 170,000 people and couldn't find a connection that raising the good cholesterol leads to a risk of heart disease. scientists say more research is kneaded into what role hdl may be splaying. there's new evidence that staten drug therapy can benefit people without a risk of cardiovascular disease. it can reduce the risk of nonfatal heart attacks and strokes as well. doctors say their findings confirm the benefits of widespread staten use and they say they outweigh any of the side effects. researchers have discovered a potential risk associated with the common antibiotic known as z pack. you take it when you get a cold. the study at vanderbilt university found that people
4:52 am
who took the drug had 2.5% higher risk of death in the first five days of taking it. doctors say patients with a risk of heart disease may want to consider using a different kind of medication. 4:52. time for the question of the morning -- >> log on to the wusa9 facebook fan page, leave your response. we'll reveal the answer during the 6:00 hour. ♪
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well, your weather first and a lot of sunshine today. a really gorgeous day as temperatures will cool off more this morning and then up to 71 by 1:00. little breezy at times. north winds at 10 to 15 miles an hour. highs today in the low to mid- 70s. it is going to be gorgeous. beverly farmer, how's the traffic looking this morning? okay, apparently we were having a problem with beverly farmer's report. now to the next story. the budget battle in maryland is over. at least for now. wednesday, the house of delegates approved a revenue package to offset the so-called doomsday budget. it includes the income tax hike on individuals making more than $100,000 and households making more than $150,000. lawmakers also approved a tobacco tax increase and a bill
4:56 am
to split future pension costs with the local counties. well, income tax increase affects roughly 14% of people living in maryland and taking a look at maryland's counties which are d.c. suburbs the percentage goes up. as will 16% of frederick county. that number continues to rise in charles where 18% of the households are affected there and in calvert county 20% are going to feel the pinch. the county with the biggest hit? montgomery county, almost 27% of the households will be seeing a tax increase. one of the key figures during the water gate scandal chuck coalson was remembered yesterday during a memorial service at the cathedral. he died april 25th after suffering a brain hemorrhage. he was 80 years old. he was president nixon's special counsel. he became an influential evangelical leader later on in
4:57 am
life. he was buried full military honors. it's based on the classic board game of the same name. teri okita has a preview >> reporter: the opponent in "battleship" is no longer the kid next door. it's aliens. taylor kitchen, liam neeson lead the fight against the extraterrestrials. singer rihanna makes her debut as petty officer. >> temperatures important for me to -- it was important for me to keep up and not have people think about rihanna. >> reporter: she got the acting bug from music videos. were you nervous? >> i was nervous, supernervous. i didn't know anything about acting and i had seen the acting culture a couple of times. i had seen people training and i was prepped but i still didn't know if i could execute.
4:58 am
>> reporter: most of the scenes were shot at pearl harbor in honolulu. one of hollywood's hottest young actors recalls working with real war veterans. >> to work with these guys was very humbling. >> reporter: an iraq war veteran steals the show. greg gads den never dreamed of acting, he was the victim of a roadside bomb. >> i never imagined that. so it's just amazing. an incredible blessing. >> reporter: the movie is a mix of action adventure, big effects, patriotism and a bit of childhood nostalgia. in honolulu, teri okita, 9news now. >> i'm andrea roane. >> thursday's here and we're glad you're with us, beverly farmer is going to have traffic too in just a moment. monika samtani is here too. she's on assignment. >> right now howard bernstein has the great weather forecast. >> just clean the air a little
4:59 am
bit. i know a lot of people would be happy. the allergens came in and yesterday, we get them about noon e day. flush -- every day. the tree pollen was high. the grass pollen was high. the mold spores were high thanks to the rain. the weeds don't come out until later in the season. they were in the low category but if you've been struggling this week, andrea, the tree pollen. the grass pollen not your friends. what is going to be good though some drier cooler air moving in now and it's going to feel great around here the next few days. just a little breeze around here this morning. we've got a good view of the capitol. flags standing up a little bit. winds 10 to 15 this morning and going to be that way all day. down to 67. sunrise at 5:54. by 9:00 have fallen even further to 63 but by noon 70 and this afternoon's highs close to 75 with a 5:00 p.m. temperature 73. so we're going to be just a little up here today but a really nice air mass moving in. thanks to

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